Rental rates

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4926827Security Damage Deposit will be taken separately from rental cost. The amount of $ 500 dollars is refundable within 7 business days should the rental agreement be fulfilled without incidents. Terms and conditions are disclosed at the rental agreement under ” Damage Collected” – page 3 of 6.

Payment Accepted

DOWN PAYMENT: 50% of the RENT amount. Payment to be received by Bank deposit or PayPal – Authorization must be given directly to owner. Signature on merchant slip is required prior to reservation. No guarantees until payment is approved by credit card provider.
FINAL Remaining amount  is due within 30 days of guests arrival by Bank Deposit, Cashier’s Check or PayPal provided on page 3 of Rental Agreement. Authorization required and charged directly with owner.
Hours of check-in personally must be in between commercial hours of 9am- 8pm
Please consult owner to confirm your remaining payment option.

CASHNoPersonalOrBusinnessChecks  CASHIERCHECK